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Who are virtual kitchens for?

New technologies and more efficient processes are constantly changing the way industries and businesses operate. Some of these changes are gradual and slow – while others are rapid and only forward-thinking businesses survive.

Virtual kitchens are a solution to the latter. Although the concept itself isn’t entirely new, the recent pandemic has abruptly changed our daily routines, including what (and where) we eat. Plenty of restaurants open new branches only to discover that running a successful chain is no easy task – whether it be because of crippling upfront costs, high operational fees, or a failure to find enough customers.

Everplate is at the forefront of providing highly efficient virtual kitchen spaces for delivery-focused restaurants. We want to make growing your restaurant business under the pandemic not only possible, but highly realistic and profitable.

So, who should be looking at opening a virtual kitchen in Indonesia?

#1 – Restaurant owners who want to scale up their business

In many situations, what prevents restaurants scaling is extortionate upfront costs which simply make it too risky of an investment. Virtual kitchens allow you to scale more cost effectively and successfully. Your new location will become profitable far faster than a traditional restaurant, and you won’t have to worry about permits, construction work, optimisation, and more.

Everplate even offers growth consulting services to help you stay on top of the market and optimise any of our potential inefficiencies.

#2 – Restaurants looking to pivot their model away from dine-in to delivery

Traditional restaurants have had decades optimising their routines for the dine-in model – and it’s worked well…until recently. With more and more people ordering food online to get delivered to their door, restaurants are struggling to adapt.

With virtual kitchens, you’re setting your restaurant in Indonesia up for success by giving it the infrastructure it needs to fulfil many more delivery orders.

#3 – Food entrepreneurs looking to increase efficiency and lower costs

Running a restaurant is a costly affair. You have to manage salaries, rent, renovation and upkeep work, and so much more.

With a virtual kitchen, you can strip this down to the basics of a restaurant – paying your chefs and shipping in what they need to conjure up everything on your menu. With a turnkey kitchen solution from Everplate, there’s far less to eat away at your profits.

#4 – Business owners who are held back by logistical constraints

One of the time-consuming parts of opening a restaurant is organising the logistics. Finding contractors to undertake renovations, finding all the necessary facilities you need and getting it installed, and much more all take weeks – if not months.

In a virtual kitchen, all you need to do is bring your equipment and move in.

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