At Everplate, we strive to bring innovation and success to food delivery businesses in Indonesia. By providing them with all the tools and infrastructure they need to find success in the new norm, we are helping new generation of delivery-focused restaurants thrive.

Our food delivery kitchens are perfect for businesses looking to open a new branch without extortionate upfront costs and high operational fees. They make growth and scaling a realistic possibility in the age of delivery and can help your restaurant fulfil more delivery orders than ever – without spending more than you would in a traditional restaurant.

Currently, we have locations across four different locations in Indonesia:


La Codefin


  • 36 Kitchens
  • A hip neighbourhood known for its trendy retail, culinary and nightlife scene. Upscale residential areas and popular amongst the expat communities. One of the areas with high purchasing power!
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Anggrek Nelimurni


  • 48 Kitchens
  • Strategic location close to residential areas and business districts. Right by key areas in the capital, such as Slipi, the Jakarta Design Centre, the Senayan Sports complex, and the MPR / DPR RI Building.

Belmont Residence

Kebon Jeruk

  • 33 Kitchens
  • Located just below an apartment complex, and in the most densely populated residential areas in west Jakarta, Belmont is the ideal location for both F&B deliveries and takeaway!

Kelapa Nias

Kelapa Gading

  • 48 Kitchens
  • A highly sought-after location known for its culinary scene. One of the most densely populated areas in North Jakarta, with a variety of industrial businesses scattered in neighbouring areas.

More locations coming soon…

As more and more restaurant businesses turn towards the food delivery world, we expect to open more locations. Each area we have kitchen spaces in is meticulously researched to provide the best results for our customers. Intensive research and key data points mean we know exactly where your hungriest customers are – and where the best value for money real estate will be.

Stay tuned for regular updates and new locations to scale your food delivery business.

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