Delivery Kitchen: spaces optimised for food delivery restaurants

Our all-in-on CloudKitchens® Delivery Kitchens are now available throughout Jakarta. Located in the most strategic areas — schedule a tour of one of our delivery kitchen spaces today.

/ Why Us

The recipe for success

CloudKitchens® Delivery Kitchens are a commercial concept optimised for restaurants to produce food for delivery. There are no dine-in areas and consist of private units of ready-fitted kitchen space. Orders are placed through online food aggregator apps and delivered straight to the customer’s doorstep. We provide the tools and support so you can focus on the cooking!


Strategic Location

With proven high consumer demand.


Minimal Investment

Plug-and-play kitchens, no renovation needed.


Efficient Operations

All you need is 1-2 kitchen staff.


Quick Expansion

No costs or time related to construction, permitting or utility connection.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Reduce waiting time and improve food quality.


Delivery Platform Flexibility

Maximise your online exposure on whichever platform you choose.

Delivery market in Indonesia

With more than 250 million people, where 64% of the total population are internet users, the online food delivery market in Indonesia is experiencing an increase in demand.

Based on the results of a survey by the Nielsen research institute in 2019, which involved 1,000 participants in big cities, around 95% of Indonesians like ready-to-eat food. Of this percentage, 58% of them order food through a delivery application.

Meanwhile, the Jakarta Region holds the greatest potential for consumer purchasing power. No less than five million active consumers can be reached through delivery services.

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Hearing is believing

Hear from the chefs and entrepreneurs growing their restaurant business with Everplate kitchens.


Fried Chicken Master

Tito Vau





2080 Burger




Putra Siburian

/ Locations

Locations in all the right places

We have CloudKitchens® delivery kitchens available in high order frequency areas densely populated with regular delivery eaters. Our sites are optimised for seamless courier pick-ups and allow for orders to be dealt with in a centralised area.

/ Technology

Software that connects it all

Our software is made for restaurateurs, chefs, and culinary teams. Instantly connect into our technology stack to grow your business and manage orders on one single tablet. We provide valuable tools and insights to help manage your business, predict demand, and increase the return on your menus.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


    What is a CloudKitchens® space?

    A CloudKitchens® consists of kitchen spaces within a large facility. Businesses operating from there mainly cater for takeaway or delivery orders, but Everplate does have a few locations with a dine-in area. CloudKitchens® enable restaurateurs to kickstart their F&B journey or expand their existing business into new markets without significant financial investment.


    How does a CloudKitchens® business model work?

    The entire concept of a CloudKitchens® is centred around delivery. When orders are placed online by customers, the restaurant will prepare the items before handing them off to one of the many food delivery services available in Indonesia, such as Gojek and GrabFood. Businesses that operate out of facilities provided by Everplate will have their orders streamlined, whereby everything will be available on one tablet even if you partner with multiple food delivery platforms.


    What CloudKitchens® locations are there?

    Everplate’s CloudKitchens® facilities are strategically located in the busiest, bustling parts of Jakarta, Indonesia. Every location has high foot traffic and many delivery orders per week, so there is plenty of opportunity to grow your business and send your profits skyrocketing.


    How much does it cost to rent a CloudKitchens® space?

    CloudKitchens® operated by Everplate cost between 6 mil and 12 mil IDR, depending on the size and the location. This costs a lot less than what is needed to open a traditional brick-and-mortar restaurant.


    What is the average size of a CloudKitchens® space?

    The size of a CloudKitchens® space in Indonesia is around 6 to 20m sq, while traditional restaurants are about 50 to 200 m2 in size. By operating out of smaller kitchen spaces, restaurateurs can use the money saved for other aspects of their business in order to make it even more profitable.

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