Slipi Anggrek Neli - Everplate Kitchens

Jalan Anggrek Neli Murni, Raya Blok A, No.97, Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat

Located in one of the strategic areas in West Jakarta with a high local population density, EverPlate Anggrek Neli is ready to serve hundred thousand orders. This place is the perfect choice for culinary businesses to expand with low investment costs but a big opportunity to go big!

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Densely populated area in West Jakarta

Serving over 768,000 people within a 3 km radius, our facility is one of the best places to kickstart an online food delivery business. Various activity centers are waiting to be tapped and help you to give all the ingredients for success.


Promising Food Delivery Market

Potential customers have high purchasing power.


Huge Order Volume

Plenty of customers and a high spending power means lots of big orders


Large Volume Area Covered

Strategically-located with 850,000 people served.


Large office and resident area in close proximity

Lots of condos and businesses in the area means high-volume orders potential each week.

/ Location

Jalan Anggrek Neli Murni, Raya Blok A, No.97, Kemanggisan, Jakarta Barat

Kickstart your food delivery business at our facility in Anggrek and cater to over 850,000 people nearby.


within a 3km radius

350,000average orders

per week


average order value

  • 4 minutes to APL Tower
  • 10 minutes to Binus University
  • 5 minutes to Central Park Residence
  • 5 minutes to Harapan Kita Hospital

Kitchen types


Large kitchen

~9.5 - 11.2 sqm

Our large kitchens are the right choice for culinary businesses who want to increase the number of orders with a variety of cuisines and more complex equipment.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Western Fast Food


Asian Food


Standard kitchen

~6.9 - 9.5sqm

Mid-sized kitchens are perfect for a wide range of culinary business. This space is designed to be large enough for growth, flexibility, and experimentation.

Suitable cuisine


Chinese Food


Asian Food


Western Food


Light kitchen

~6 - 6.9 sqm

Our smaller kitchen rental spaces are perfect for new brands who want to experiment with a new cuisine or new area. Especially with our short-term leases, there's little risk involved but plenty of room for success.

Suitable cuisine


Western Fast Food




Asian Food

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