Why F&B Businesses In Indonesia Should Open Industrial Kitchens

Industrial kitchens can help promote growth for your F&B business by streaming and optimising kitchen processes.

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Why F&B Businesses In Indonesia Should Open Industrial Kitchens

Each year, Indonesian people are getting more and more used to online delivery services. As the size of the food delivery market grows, so do opportunities for new restaurants and delivery businesses to get their slice of the cake. Just as the delivery market is gaining momentum, now is the time to start investing in growth and expand your restaurant.

Low risk, high reward

Less upfront cost, lower operational fees, and the potential for rapid growth - industrial kitchens are the formula for a truly profitable restaurant business.

Receive and fulfil more orders

Our industrial kitchens are located in prime areas in Jakarta, with access to consumers who regularly order takeout food.

Hire fewer employees

With the support of our facility team, you can hire less staff in your ghost kitchen. Spend money on what directly impacts the growth of your business.

Experiment with multiple brands

Launch multiple restaurants/brands out of a single ghost kitchen while trying out different recipes and cuisines with minimal risk.

Scale with ease

We can help you grow your business by providing support for general consultation and marketing, so you can remain as cost-efficient as possible.

Coordinate with several delivery platforms

Maximise your exposure on multiple delivery platforms. Use our custom technology to keep everything organised, neat, and running like a well-oiled machine.

/ Kitchen Specs

Your industrial kitchen made to order

No matter what kind of chef you are or restaurant you run, we can provide a industrial kitchen that suits your specific needs. Each space is generously outfitted with everything you need to get started. Feel free to bring whatever equipment you already love and use, and we'll help you fit in to your dream kitchen space.


  • Driver pickup area
  • Receiving & loading dock
  • Employee Lockers
  • Restrooms
  • Food Conveyor


  • Order pickup & processing
  • Courier handoff
  • Facility staff support
  • Cleaning & maintenance
  • Pest Control
  • Wifi
  • 24/7 Security
  • Insurance


  • Gas System
  • Takeout Ledge
  • Fire Extinguishing
  • Fire alarm
  • Fresh Air Machine
  • Exhaust Duct
  • Sink
  • Grease Trap
  • Electric socket

/ Support

Everplate’s solution

Although industrial and mobile kitchens have countless benefits for an F&B business trying to drive growth, not all kitchen providers can provide the support required to truly capitalise and take advantage of these spaces.

Sales optimisation

Our team will help optimise your brand across multiple online sales channels in order to make it more attractive to potential customers. This includes monitoring promotions, creating menus, and more.

Monthly analysis reports

To support the growth of your business, we will provide regular monthly reports to provide you with a more granular insight into your kitchen performance. We’ll cover financial aspects, operational reports, and a general analysis.

Influencer network

Everplate provides a platform to increase your brand exposure through influencer marketing easily. We will help you partner with different groups across multiple channels to help grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does an industrial kitchen mean?
An industrial kitchen is a specialised mass-food-production facility that caters to the needs of food vendors and restaurants alike.

What characteristics does an industrial kitchen possess?
An industrial kitchen is a space where you can store, prep, and produce large volumes of food. Through your partnership with Everplate you will receive ample space and equipment as well as bureaucratic support to assist you in reaching and expanding upon your goals and targets.

How do I partner with the Everplate?
When you are ready to take the leap into stepping up your F&B business, reach out to us, and discover our pricing plans and packages to bring your business into the Industrial business industry.


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