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How dark kitchens can increase efficiency and help restaurants cut costs

This past year, the delivery world has surged in popularity across Indonesia. Just about every aspect of our lives has been impacted in some way or another by the COVID-19 pandemic, and our eating habits are no exception. This, combined with changing routines and an abundance of food delivery options, has allowed people to start ordering food to their doorstep far more often than ever before.

In fact, Indonesia’s food delivery business has been growing substantially: by the end of 2021. It’s expected to be worth US$2.28 billion in revenue, growing a further 9.8% each year and reaching US$3 billion by 2024.

For customers, this is great news. A bigger industry means more competitive businesses – something which inevitably boils down to a better product. Delivery companies will be incentivised to deliver food quicker, have less errors, and offer more restaurants. But for brick-and-mortar restaurants already struggling to survive in a year characterised by a pandemic and shrinking dine-in orders, the future can look grim.

As a relatively new concept, dark kitchens offer restaurants a chance to adapt and thrive in the new norm. In a nutshell, they are a way for restaurants to open highly efficient, low risk, delivery-only kitchen spaces that cater to the growing delivery market.

Here are our top few reasons why dark kitchens are becoming the strategy for restaurants across Indonesia as they search for a solution to empty dine-in areas and unmanageable delivery orders.

How dark kitchens improve efficiency

#1 – They allow you to fulfil more orders in a shorter amount of time

Depending on what type of restaurant you’re running, the turnover rate can vary immensely. In higher-class restaurants, people love to chat, relax, and socialise even after they have finished eating. When it’s the peak hours of the day, this seriously puts a dampener on how many people your venue can serve.

With a dark kitchen, the only limitation is your kitchen manpower. With all of your space devoted to a delivery-focused kitchen, you’ll be able to fulfil far more delivery orders and eliminate all other bottlenecks in the process. The Everplate team will help you with logistics and more, meaning the number of meals you can deliver depends on only two things: how many orders you receive, and how many dishes your chefs can manageably conjure up.

#2 – Dark kitchens are a turnkey solution

Opening a new brick-and-mortar restaurant is no easy task. Depending on a variety of factors such as location, renovation work, and hiring the right staff, this process can last up to a year. With a dark kitchen, all you need to do is move in.

All the facilities you need are ready from day one, including exhaust systems, gas and water pipelines, WiFi, order processing tablets, cleaning, and maintenance, and much more. Dark kitchen spaces are easily customised too, depending on your type of cuisine and how you want to run your kitchen.

#3 – Support from the Everplate team

Despite their increased efficiency, opening a dark kitchen still takes considerable thought and preparation. But unlike a traditional restaurant, by working with a dark kitchen space provider you will have a team of specialists providing support where needed.

We can help you grow your business, suggest ways to remain as cost-efficient as possible, and help optimize your new restaurant location in general.

#4 – Manage all your orders through a single tablet system

When running a traditional restaurant, you have to juggle dine-in orders and delivery orders. At times, this can get messy and disrupt the smooth operation of your kitchen. Missing an order can be disastrous for your reputation.

With one of Everplate’s dark kitchens, you will gain access to our software which allows you to handle all your orders through a single tablet.

How dark kitchens can save you money

#1 – No front of house costs

When running a typical restaurant, you have to pay the salaries of waiters, bussers, bartenders, dishwashers and cooks. In a dark kitchen, you only need to bring in your chefs. This way, you can cut costs, simplify operations, and focus only on what matters for a delivery business.

#2 – Reduced operational costs

Dark kitchen spaces are designed for delivery only orders. This means that you can cut down on real estate used for dine-in areas, slim down logistical costs and much more required to run a proper brick-and-mortar restaurant.

#3 – Scale with ease

Starting a traditional restaurant from scratch has never been an easy undertaking. Over half shut their doors within a year, and 80% do so within 5 years. If you’re lucky enough to be in that 20% that survive, the chances of being able to grow and scale are even slimmer.

But dark kitchens provide an alternative. Everplate takes care of permits, renovations, optimisations, and more that make opening a new branch a far simpler affair than ever. Not to mention, instead of investing an extortionate amount and only being ready to take orders after months and months of work, dark kitchens offer much quicker setup times and lower upfront costs.

Break into the world of dark kitchens in Indonesia with Everplate

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