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What are Ghost Kitchens?

Get Ready for the Next Era

In the midst of changing consumer behaviour in the digital era, expansion into the delivery business is a strategic step to stay afloat and increase competitiveness.

With a cleverly located ghost kitchen in Jakarta, your F&B brand can not only reach a wider market, but also strengthen its position in the competitive arena.

Global Market Growth

With changes in the preference of modern society and speed of access, instant service is increasingly prioritised. This change in consumer behaviour was followed by the growth of the F&B delivery business, which feeds into the increasing demand by consumers.

In 2018, the market size of online food delivery services around the world was estimated at US $ 23,539.40 billion. In just one year, it increased sharply and reached US $ 96 billion.

According to Statista’s research data, global revenue from the online food delivery market segment is projected to reach US $ 136,431 billion by 2020. This figure is expected to experience an average annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 7.5%, resulting in a market volume of US $ 182,327. Billion by 2024.

The largest market segment comes from Platform-to-Consumer delivery, with a projected market volume of US $ 70,741 billion in 2020. The number of users in this segment is predicted to continue to grow, reaching 965.8 million users in 2024.

A Surge in Demand in Indonesia

With more than 250 million people, where 64% of the total population are internet users, the online food delivery market in Indonesia is experiencing an increase in demand.

Based on the results of a survey by the Nielsen research institute in 2019, which involved 1,000 participants in big cities, around 95% of Indonesians like ready-to-eat food. Of this percentage, 58% of them order food through a delivery application.

Meanwhile, the Jakarta Region holds the greatest potential for consumer purchasing power. No less than five million active consumers can be reached through delivery services.

Statista’s research data shows that the revenue for the online food delivery market segment in the country is projected to reach US $ 1,951 billion by 2020; with a predicted annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 11.5% which will result in a market volume of US $ 3,018 billion by 2024.

Ghost Kitchens; The Best First Step

Ghost Kitchens provide Indonesian restaurants the opportunity to minimize the level of risk and operational costs without sacrificing product quality. Especially with value-added services that increase your business productivity, you are already three steps ahead of your competitors.

You can achieve all of this with Everplate Kitchen. We provide ready-to-live ghost kitchens in Jakarta with the best services and facilities to help your F&B brand reach more customers through the delivery business.

Interested in starting your very own ghost kitchen in Jakarta? Read more about who ghost kitchens are for, or get in touch with our specialists today. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column]

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