Reach your next
Growth Milestone.

200+ influencers network

We provide the platform to drive brand exposure through our diverse group of influencer partners with ease via multiple channels.

5 channels optimised for sales

We provide guidance to make your profile in multiple sales channels be in the best state possible for conversion to sales ranging from no. of items, combo creations to photography among others.

Up to 8 monthly analyses

We conduct monthly performance review sessions to deep drive on positives and negatives in the past month through our analyses on 3 segmentations: General, Financial and Operational.

EP Acceleration Program

Breakeven in Less Than
6 Months

Tailored consulting services to help you grow your F&B brands.

  • Delivery platform optimisation through pre-onboarding inspection and consultation
  • 5 Star ratings guaranteed in 2 weeks time
  • Monthly performance review and analyses
  • Marketing support through social media post and KOL reviews

EP plug & Play brands

Launch new brands in a snap of a finger!

Maximize your kitchen space by increasing your streams of income

  • Whether it’s a simplified version of your current menu, a variation, or a completely new cuisine you’ve always wanted to do
  • We’ll match you with you to one of our 100+ international brands
  • Help you onboard to OFO platforms
  • We’ll do the marketing and promotions

EP Channel Booster

Diversify your stream of Revenue

Why limit yourself to one platform, when you can have multiple? Sit back, and we’ll help you diversify your sales channel.

  • Grab/gojek
  • Kulina
  • Tokopedia
  • Hungree
  • Direct Sales via IM / WA

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